HackyHour at Griffith University

2fa84LOs_400x400HackyHour is open to everyone with an interest in IT and research. We hold the “Hacky Hour” to compliment Software Carpentry classes and as a way to touch base with, inform and up-skill the research community both within Griffith University and other institutions. Languages such as R and Python are taught both through HackyHour sessions and in the Software Carpentry Workshops.


At our Hacky hour sessions, we offer:
  • –  Where to start with a IT question
  • –  Coding assistance in R, Python, SQL, Bash and more
  • –  Practice your new programming skills from our Python and R workshops
  • –  Information about large computational services such as HPC (High Performance Computing), what is available and how to use it
  • –  Learn about Virtual Machines, how they work and how to use them
  • –  A space to build a community around IT and research
  • –  Learn about Git, Github and Gitlab, a version control method for your code


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