HackyHour is open to everyone with an interest in IT and research. The catch-ups aim to improve researcher’s understanding and implementation of the technical aspects of research, as well as fostering collaboration and information sharing within the community at large.

We hold the “Hacky Hour” to compliment Software Carpentry classes and as a way to touch base with, inform and up-skill the research community both within Griffith University and other institutions. Languages such as R and Python are taught both through HackyHour sessions and in the Software Carpentry Workshops.

The HackyHour @ GU crew consist of Amanda Miotto (@amandamiottoGU), Heidi Perrett (@heidzOP) and Jon Shuker. We are all members  of the eResearch Services team within Information Services at Griffith University.

What is Hacky Hour?
We are holding support in the form of ‘Hacky hour’ catch-ups at Nathan and Gold Coast :
This drop-in hour is open to anyone, who is interested in learning something new about technology, learn a new programming language or even just want to start programming but don’t know where to start, or want to meet people doing the similar types of research.
Is there any charge?
These resources (including Hacky Hours and Storage) are available free of charge to all researchers. Most of our solutions are open source or already Griffith funded.  We even have free coffee!
Why are we doing it?
Our aim is build a community of researchers who are involved in IT orientated work. We are collaborating with other Universities to hold  ‘Software Carpentry‘ workshops  and Research Bazaars to build the programming knowledge of the community. This is aimed at programming beginners to intermediates. We are also assisting researchers in gaining access to the High Performance Computing (HPC) system available here at Griffith University, and access to Nectar resources and providing storage solutions via the Research Storage Solution .