Free eBooks and other interesting links

A fantastic read for anyone doing data science (including non ecology researchers)

This is a great resource for free eBooks on all things code

Are you an Ecologist? You may find this interesting… our Hackee’s did

Visualizing your Bio results online? Have a look at this javascript library which specializes in this. We can give you a crash course in Javascript if you are interested (Intergrates naturally with PHP ). Combine this with a free Nectar VM and have your results online.

A list of 23 Research things to have a read through and find nifty tools via an online learning programme showcasing a range of digital tools that can support research activity

Here are some great talks on big data:

Here is a FREE podcast on Data Science on Reproducible Research and R, by Johns Hopkins University:


QRIScloud is a set of services provided by QCIF for research groups and agencies to create, process and use their data.

NeCTARcloud for fostering innovation and collaboration in research. All Australian researchers have free access funded by the NeCTAR project.